Naam :                   Valery Bouwknegt
Date of Birth :      27-01-2001 (18 years)

Height:                   1,66 cm

Confection size:  36

Buste:                     89  

Hips:                        97

Shoe:                       38.5 (EU)
Hair:                        Blonde
Eyes:                       Blue

Place:                      Zaandam, The Netherlands


But it all started in 2012. Here is her story from the very beginning.


Valery Bouwknegt (2001) was born in the Netherlands. When she was five she started with dancing and karate. Her first dance lessons were at Arabesque (now Dans Zaandstad). Till 2011 Valery took karate lessons at Sportschool Frank v/d/ Nieuwendijk.

She even got three Dutch titles, and the black-belt in 2015


In 2012 she took classes at Global Dance Centre Amsterdam. Her first class was from the choreographer Shaker. She also liked the classes from Kenzo Alvares. One of her biggest inspiration. She's even in his crew : Urban Issue.

In that same year Valery auditioned  for the dutch TV-show AVRO Junior Dance. In the final-episode she took the 4th Place.

That was the official start of her dance adventure. 

After Junior Dance Valery danced for CoolCat (clothing-store), Eurovision Songfestival and danced with the rapper Yes-R at Het Gouden Televizier-Ring (it's like Grammy Awards)She also danced in the Music Video L.O.V.E. from the dutch artist Aliyah. A year later she competed at So You Think You Can Dance : The Next Generation. She reached the Top 30.


SYTYCD : TNG gave her another boost in her dance adventure. She danced in many Music Video's from dutch artists. (Aliyah, Donovan, Olivier Bangi, Roberto Da Costa, Laura Kaam, Kim Regasa). Valery was an extra in the dutch movie : Heksen Bestaan Niet

Even Timor Steffens asked Valery to dance with him for KIKA (charity for kids with cancer).

She also performed at Dance4Life (charity for hiv)World of Dance (hip-hop competition) HipHop Kingz (hip-hop competition) Tina-Dag (teen magazine) and ZappLive(tv)


A lot of choreographers wanted to work with her such as

Kenzo Alvares, Shay Latukolan, Lola Beckers, Marthe Vangeel, Reis Fernando,

Senna Amarnis, Gianinni Semedo, Robin Hack,Ginny Pauw,

Anthony Benjamin, Aron Norbert.